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20 10 2011

 For me, writing is the idea that wouldn’t go away—the nudge, inclination, or calling, which I also happen to enjoy.  This blog I am introducing to you has been long thought about, practiced and…tadaaa! I am now implementing, learning as I go.

 I just want to share my thoughts with you in hopes that they will edify you, or someone you know, in some special way.  They will be brief.  Usually.  They will focus upon spiritual thoughts and meanderings, observations on Nature, God’s creation and how things work in this broken but blest world—little devotionals, if you will.  I come from a Christian perspective, having been raised in and appreciative of, my church homes and families, of Bible truth and Divine Love and philosophies which in 58 years have yet to be disproven.  I think you need to know that upfront.  But I hope that how the natural world works, and the consistencies in Nature and its reflections on matters beyond itself, will prove to be true and applicable beyond a single spiritual lens, and that you will be drawn to continue observing, pondering and interacting along with me around the profound truths that sing and dance all around us, if only we have ears to hear and eyes to see.

With thanks to Wendy, Elizabeth and Gail, all of whom encouraged me with the gifts of blank journals calling for words to fill them, and all the others of you who affirmed my writing, I begin…




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27 03 2012
Brenda Havens

Did you take that photo up there–the rocks w/ the autumn leaves???

14 01 2012

I am awaiting the next post…

14 01 2012

Thank you my friend! I am excited too! Now, to figure out what a widget is…

14 01 2012
Donna Kitchen

Congratulations Ellen, I’m really excited about this! Donna

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