Where Were You, God, When the Tsunami Came?

28 01 2013

 Devastation in Japan—earthquakes, tsunamis, death, destruction—Oh Lord!

I want to say “How could you?!” or, ”how could you allow…?”  Earthquake AND tsunami.  Nuclear plant AND oil refinery.  Four trains lost.  Disappeared.  And SO MUCH MORE!  So many lives.  So much pain!  Destruction.

This makes me wonder:            ARE  YOU  THERE  ??

<< I AM >>

This causes me conflicting pictures of you, God:  Sovereign and in control of all; loving, yet allowing such…pain, anguish, suffering, loss for those you love…

<< Disaster—magnitudes of disaster—is what gives pause to you, in your comfort and busyness.  It grabs your attention.  You, who even love and trust me, are shaken.  I AM in the suffering, with the suffering.  I AM suffering with those who suffer.  I do not ask you to blindly trust, irrationally trust, but do trust in what I have revealed.  I AM in control of nations.  I AM Lord of creation.  You must understand:  your comfort and success are NOT the EVIDENCE of My presence and grace.  The fruits of my Spirit are.


These, THESE are present–especially in crises–in abundance!  Those who suffer in me don’t say, “why me?”  they say “why not me?”  (They are peaceful and patient, and see themselves no better or worse than the rest of humanity.)  Those who help say, “I care; I extend the Spirit of the living God who transcends even death, even devastation.”  A blanket, a hug, shared tears—these are just the droplets of the tsunami of my grace and presence that is being showered in the midst of the devastation in Japan.  Your prayers as you, in unity with all the prayers of my people, shower my grace upon them as well.

Reach for, and lean on, my promises:

-pain and suffering may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning

-come to me, you heavy burdened and I will give you rest.

-I so loved the world I gave my only Son, so that those who believe have (not earthly, drudging, painful life, but) life eternal.

-tears will be wiped away, no more sorrow, suffering, pain.  (You can rejoice for those receiving their reward, relieved of THEIR pain.)

-I AM Lord of the nations, Lord of history, the present the future–alpha and omega

-All things work for good to those who love me

-I will never leave you nor forsake you (nor my beloved in Japan)

My Word holds more of my promises…

And what of you, in your warmth, shelter, full stomach, with communication, transportation quenched thirst?  You who know that friends and family are as they were yesterday.  You also come to me, beseeching me for others’ sake.  You incline yourself to prayer, and to listen.  Although it may be in bewilderment and doubt, grief and pain, you come.  You come for explanations, for knowledge of me, for reassurance that I AM who I say I AM.  Like John the Baptist,  you ask if I am that One to whom your life can be given, entrusted, and it will not be destroyed, no matter the current situation.  Do seek me.  Where two or three are gathered I AM there.  Inquire of me, as did Nicodemus.  Wrestle with me, as did Jacob!

Do not only come to me in your emotion, in your fear.  Learn from me.  The parable says to the rich man, “This day is your soul required of you.”  If it were true for you, are you ready?  Eternally?  What about personally?  Are your day-to-day affairs in order, clear to those left behind?  Children provided for; loved ones knowledgeable about what to do and where to go and whom to turn to, even in their grief?  What if there was a large scale disaster to befall your community—is there a plan?  For your family of origin?  For your family of faith?

What about your relationships?  How would they have been left if you had been in Japan; if your soul were required of you yesterday?  To whom would you want to connect, make amends, express your love?

“Take heed, lest…”

If you are inclined to help those suffering far away, besides praying, and you want to act, perhaps a way will open for you.  If you do not lean towards assistance across the ocean, perhaps this inclination can be used in bringing my love and care to someone close by.

I know your suffering and that of the Japanese.  And the Libyans.  And the Haitians.  I know.  I know you and have compassion upon your questions and your limitations in comprehending me.  (That is cause for gladness—I am God, and you are not .)

Come to me.  I am faithful.  Seek me.  I am present.  Inquire of me.  I will reveal myself.  Wrestle with me.  I will engage you and not turn away.  Call to me and I will answer.  I keep my promises.  My arms are open to you all.  >>




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