Make Space

28 03 2013

Space.  Outer space.  Personal space.  Space between paragraphs.  Negative space.  Positive space.  Open spaces.  Spacing for the plants.  Storage space.  Meditative space.

Living things need space.  Even inanimate things “need” space.  Well, at least they take up space.  A cup must have a volume hold our beverage.  Our arms need space to hold our loved ones.  Space to move.  Air to breathe.  Space for us to occupy and space to surround us.

Grand or infinitesimal, I never thought too much about space until I began to think about making room in my life for the things that are most important, and as I prayed in my church to be filled with the Spirit of love and compassion, power and steadfastness.  (And lots of other admirable qualities.)  Even in our interior lives, we need space to consider spiritual things, to plan our time, to be creative, to re-create, if you will.

Little Bearskin 2012 020I don’t know much about the galaxies, planets and stars, sun      and moon I see traversing my beautiful atmosphere each day, in fact, determining the length of my day and the rhythm of my life.  But from what I observe, that space is not nothing.  There is a force contained there between these bodies to keep them where they are; they do not constantly crash into one another; they have rhythm and patterns, orbits and consistency.  Closer to me, the atmosphere-space contains oxygen and water, transmits the warmth of the sun, creates and releases crystals of snow and clouds to contemplate and sunsets to savor.

When I jump into the lake, the water is dis-placed.  Water!  Oh, my goodness, what if it didn’t flow into the lowest points it can, where it fills LOTS of space!  Water, more than most, gets to cavort among the spaces—it’s very flexible (hmm)—streams, rivers, rain, snow, drinking water, waves, tsunamis, fog, clouds.  Mars?  Amazing.

I learned in school that electrons orbit around the nucleus of an atom.

And oh, my, I’ve borne 3 children!  For nine months the living space for those kids grew, from the size that used to occupy size 12 jeans to one that needed ballooning pants to cover the round belly and its precious contents.  And THEN they tell me 10 centimeters, you’re ready, and through that measly 10 centimeters a baby would come?!  And DID!

Plants.  Farmers and gardeners know well the space each vegetable and flower needs to grow.  Plants know how to move through space toward that life-giving sunlight, as many of our childhood science projects demonstrated.  Preferably for the plants, it’s straight up.  The space cannot be covered in darkness.  Photosynthesis is food, their life and ours.

The pines up north, about which I know a little more than planets, grew toward the sun overhead.  But they were planted extremely close together so that the only direction they would go to seek the sun would be directly overhead, thus producing straight, long trunks, most suited to ship’s masts, home construction and ease in cutting long straight boards for walls and floors.

Now on to me, and you—the human elements of nature–and our needful spaces.  The office in which I am writing is quite a cluttered space.  I am very unwilling to relinquish things I treasure, especially if it’s papers that contain messages I value for one reason or another.  I love words!  There’s also a good bit (a REALLY big bit) of procrastination here, as I see photos everywhere, to be framed, put into books, whatever I’m going to do with them—my memories I love to see often.  (I guess they can’t simply occupy space in my brain.  Hmmm.)

And back full circle like the dawn, to that inner space.  Fill it, fill me, Spirit.  Is there space there?  What occupies it now?  Do I need to make space?  How do I do that?  Just as a plant needs its physical space to grow, our spiritual space comes in the form of time, and quiet.  To hear the still, small Voice within, discovering our unique created selves and whether the Artist and Creator has any more touches to add.  Whether we have any more growing to do.  Pruning?  Getting rid of dead leaves?  Just resting and breathing, Sabbath.  Daily.  Like the cycles of nature.

Can you grow into the unique, one in 7,109,309,767 persons you are created to be?  Where does space fit into your picture?