Sing, oh earth!

9 04 2013

Do you hear it?  Can you see it?  The sun (Son?), blinding in brilliance,

touching          warming          lighting            all creation.

 The leaves, coming out, crowding each other to wave and applaud.  Droplets remaining from rain’s prelude, transformed into diamonds catching and reflecting the Light of the morning.

 Can you see an orchestra or hear nature’s colors sing?

The sun, like comforting bass voices, underlying and infusing the music of the day with warm character.  Grass–rhythmically rustling.  Trees with melody streaming everywhere, green full music and teeny buds for piccolo exclamation!  Small birds—now one, now two and three—darting, dancing in and out.  And oh, the daffodil trumpets proclaiming their joy, while the tulips open their mouths in echoing reply.  Is it Creation rejoicing?!!

E-aster-votions 15

Efb 4-29-11

…What?  It’s raining and cold out by you?  It is here today as well.  But I heard the birds this morning while it was still dark…just one at first, a solo before the chorus of the song.  Yesterday there were GREAT gusts of wind–a crescendo?  And I’m just noticing for the first time, with today’s soft gray clouds in their decrescendo, moderating the bright so that my eyes need not squint:  the grass is GREEN!  Once again, instead of midwestern gray, white, black monochrome of winter scenery, Mother Nature has begun her spring painting.  Green grass, purple snowdrops, robin’s redbreast emerging.  That’s about it from this window in the city.  But I bet if I drive to the forest preserve, the weeping willows’ neon yellow-green leaves are peeking out like a piccolo refrain.

The music can change, can’t it?  But bass drums or maracas, aria or lullaby, one can see that music with our eyes as well as hear with our ears–the earth is singing.  Listen–I think I heard a squirrel say Hallelujah!

 Applause for the symphony, and its conductor, and its composer extraordinaire!




3 responses

13 04 2013
Carol Steiner

Ellan, after reading this, I want to go some place where I am immersed in the Creation. I know that I will take more notice of the Creation around me when I go out. Thank you.

11 04 2013

this perfectly captures today in madison wi. i can’t hear the music yet, but i trust you… and oh! forever will the sight of a squirrel make me smile, as i hear the wee little Hallelujah!

9 04 2013
Wendy Klinkner

Beautiful Ellen! Ove the choice of words and use of nouns for verbs. You painted a colorful canvas for me and got my heart singing in anticipation. Wendy

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