Wind Chimes

6 09 2013

Well, I sure don’t feel very confident in producing this blog, as you handful who are reading it know :-). But I had an aha! moment recently sitting on my back deck overlooking the beautiful condo parking lot…

(It’s not that bad–we live next to a park. If I face to the left, I have trees, grass and the sound of kids playing. If I stand up to look at more of the park, I have a gigantic maple tree that gives shade to the benches below all spring and summer, and in the fall, the MOST blazing show of red in town!)

There are flower boxes perched on the railings, with deck 2happy geraniums and trailing vinca vines which sway with the breeze. I recently purchased a climbing black-eyed susan, which grows with gusto and really enhances onecorner of our little outdoor space. There are          also two tall plant hooks which I’ve attached to the corners of the deck. Some years they have held hanging baskets. This year a wind chime my dad made for me hangs on the right side, while the left side just stands in a silent swirl.

In our neck of the woods, er, city, there have been some mighty strong thunderstorms lately, as well as significant winds warning of their approaching forces. Since one must be considerate of one’s neighbors, I had hung the center ringer on the railing so it would not hit the chimes so forcefully and often, thereby creating what many would call noise as opposed to the lovelier…chimes.

This morning, however, provided me a lovely gentle breeze by which to sip coffee and read and think and daydream. I noticed the chimes simply hanging, not chiming, because the ringer was off to the side,moored upon the deck railing. I released it and it played for me. Long chime, short chime, low note, high note, enhancing my morning with its music, lilting and swaying, rapid chords and single, varying notes, louder, softer as the breeze nudged the center line and its tone striker, a white plastic teardrop shaped oval, lovingly sawed from a template by daddy.

photoThe chiming enhanced my day. It inspired and motivated me. There may have been a few other people nearby within earshot, maybe fewer who noticed, maybe a couple who also savored the music. This music seemed a concert for one–ME! The chime itself is not a lovely shiny copper one with varnished cherry wood to suspend it–it is metal conduit, hardware store chain and the aforementioned plastic. BUT, dad had cut the 5 chime lengths to precisely to be harmonious together and to resonate with a pure clear sound. The plastic teardrop is the perfect striker. More importantly, I love it!

I am like the wind chime. This blog is subject to my discipline, setting aside the time, sitting down and writing, choosing photos, posting. The wind chime cannot make its music unless the center is free to be moved by the wind. As long as it hangs in the center where it is needed to swing freely, it will not play, and nobody will hear the music.

You are like the wind chime, cut specially to sing a certain song, hung in the place where your music is available to ennoble and inspire those who can hear and take notice of it. Provided your center has been released and is free to be moved by the breeze, you can allow yourself to make the never-to-be repeated unique-for-the-moment song sent out.




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