A Praise

3 03 2014

Oh God of all creation, multitudinous as snow covering all—one God, one snowfall.  Blanketing, caring for, nourishing, cleansing.  Impressing—causing us to stop and take notice.  Ruling—making evident to us our humanity, humbling us to re-realize there are things beyond our control, but not beyond Yours.

 Bright, silent, hard soft.  Amazing paradoxes.  Wondrous qualities!  All in All.

 When the blizzard is descending upon us, the wind and gray and bite of cold are enough to blow us over, to distill our view to the immediate and important—warmth, shelter, food.  We look to You for our sustenance and provision.  When it slows, flakes silently drift to earth, inviting us to savor the peace, to watch and to walk.  When the snow stops, and we are left with mounds of power and blessing, the light is nearly blinding and sparkles like jewels!  Ice upon which to be careful.  Snow in which to play.  Work of clearing our way, of helping our neighbor, to be done.

Blessed Snow of our love, envelop us, drift down upon us until we cannot shovel away nor navigate beyond the abundance of your grace!

                                                                                                    E-votions 10

Efb~ 2-6-2011