29 11 2017

They say gratitude brings joy.  That there is always something to be grateful for.  Sometimes, my preoccupied mind says, “Yeah, but…” and I think of all the struggles I am having, and others are having.  Even at Thanksgiving time, there is as much written about how difficult it is to manage time with families, cook a turkey, get everything done.  Then, Christmas preparations encroach, and if we are not careful, we CAN lose our joy.

I am sharing a video I had saved on my desktop so long I had forgotten its contents.  I clicked, and I know why I saved it.  I can’t encourage you ENOUGH to click on it.  I GUARANTEE your day will be better because you took 5 minutes to look and listen to it!




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15 12 2017
Zeller, Janice M


Beautiful! I love Br. David Stendl-Rast. Thank you.

Looking forward to being with you and Al tomorrow,


30 11 2017
Carol Steiner

Thanks, Ellen.

29 11 2017
Robert M Buren

Thank you. This was a real gift!

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29 11 2017

Isn’t it though? It has stayed with me all day. I think the reason I put it on the desktop screen to begin with is that I thought it wou ld be a good way to start EVERY day!

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