Have an Awe-Full Day*

17 09 2018

*Awe-full, not awful.

I keep running into those spider webs I wrote about (literally).  And the idea of mites living among my eyelashes–I can’t un-remember that!  (Not yet, anyway.)  And yet, they amaze me.  I want to see more and learn more about the world around me.  But today, I’m just thinking about some other things that give me pause, and briefly mentioning them to you. My intention is to help you create just a tiny space of awe and wonder in your day.  I recommend closing your eyes every now and then, and/or pausing where there are spaces…

I am enthralled by the human and the hummingbird.  Alpaca, llama, camel.  Oak, birch, maple.  Moss and redwood, molehill and mountain, puddle and ocean.

Snowflake, icicle, iceberg.  Ice, water, vapor.

The call of the loon, the roar of the lion, the opera singer’s aria.

The belly of the snake, the legs of the centipede, the wings of the eagle.  The mosquito’s bite, scorpion’s sting, boa constrictor’s constriction.

Deer antlers and peacock feathers.

The “beautiful, spacious sky, purple mountains’ majesty and amber waves of grain…” (How many writers have  expressed eloquently their own wonder of nature?!)

Rainbows and velvet nights.  Twinkling stars, blazing sun.

Our multi-faceted, multi-functional, intricate bodies–hair and nails, bones and flesh, miles of blood vessels and intestines, miles we are capable of walking.  Brains, eyes, smiles, hearts.  Senses.  Personalities.  Souls.

We could go on and on, page after page, after page, but I won’t because I REALLY want you to join me in considering the natural world around you.  Here is some space for you and the natural things that uniquely impress unique you.  Use the space for a few seconds, or minutes.  Close your eyes.  Perhaps remember a scene you have enjoyed.  Or look around you or out your window and see what is within your line of sight.  Let us know what came to mind.  Pressed for time?  Set your timer for as little as 20 or 30 seconds and try it:

…a little space, an open door for personal thoughts, a moment to let in and become aware of things which are around you, things present in YOUR world…

Thank you.  I hope considering an iota of the infinite creation all around us gave you a full-of-awe moment.  Now take a deep breath, exhale, stretch, and may this be one of many awe-full moments ahead!