Advent is Over–Or is It?

3 01 2019

The 4 Advent candles are lit, burning steadily after the bustle of the celebrations of Love Come to Earth, called by Christians and many others Christmas, literally the Christ Mass. There’s a lull in the action between Christmas and New Year’s, and I sit, and wonder and ponder the meaning, all the meanings. It is a holy moment. I speak to Love.

You have come to Bethlehem, to live with us. And with us your spirit remains. Our Advent–waiting is but 4 weeks each year. Your people waited, trusted, yearned for centuries. They knew your promises were true. They told of your protection and your redemption down through the generations: from war, famine, oppression, finally deliverance from the Egyptians by the blood of the lambs. For thousands of years, even after you came, there was terror, war, oppression, fear. What has changed? With the Word of your disciples spread, blanketed across the world, preserved, misrepresented, used well in its power for healing and goodness and love. Today there is war, greed, famine, terror, demagoguery, power in the wrong hands. There are still people who are poor when resources exist; in jail, not receiving true justice. So much darkness.  But Your light shines in the darkness. We must.