For me, writing is the idea that wouldn’t go away—the nudge, inclination, or calling, which I also happen to enjoy.  This blog I am introducing to you has been long thought about, practiced and…tadaaa! I am now implementing, learning as I go.

It has taken me over a year to attempt to set up my blog, or should I say slog?  I am still shy about sharing with “the World,” while at the same time wanting to know there is an audience out there.

What else can I tell you?  I love all things green, trees, leaves, and the wonder and variety of the natural world.  I am a sunset fanatic and am frequently known to interrupt conversations or run out of the house to observe the changing qualities of light after the sun steps down out of the way.

I just want to share my thoughts with you in hopes that they will edify you, or someone you know, in some special way.  They will be brief.  Usually.  They will focus upon spiritual thoughts and meanderings, observations on Nature, God’s creation and how things work in this broken but blest world—little devotionals.  I come from a Christian perspective, having been raised in and appreciative of, my church homes and families.  Bible truth and Divine Love and God’s existence and care for God’s created world make sense to me.  I think you need to know that upfront.  But I hope that how the natural world works, its consistency and its lessons will transcend my own spiritual lens. and include yours enough that you will return to observe, ponder  and interact with me about the profound truths that sing and dance all around us, if only we have ears to hear and eyes to see.  I invite your involvement and I wish you well.

With thanks to Wendy, Elizabeth and Gail, all of whom encouraged me with the gifts of  journals calling for words to fill them, and all the others of you who affirmed my writing, I begin…Come along!


5 responses

11 10 2014
Karen Daughtry

Hi, Ellen–happy to see your lovely writing, and I hope checking these Notify me boxes will sign me up for your blog! love and blessings, Karen

11 10 2014

Hi Karen! Nice to hear from you. Hope your mom is well–she has the best caregiver around! I see the box below saying notify me–I hope it works too. I have some help coming up and this should make following me less of a mystery. I have a black line across the top of the page with a white word saying “following” and a check next to it. But I haven’t determined whether that changes for others’ web pages. Ahh, technology! It gets me to you, though! Thank you for reading & responding.

8 09 2014
Jennifer Butkus Maglio

Hi! I was here and read some of your work – it was wonderful! I am trying to figure out how to follow your blog so I get notified when there’s something new to see. Any advice? Maybe just by comments I get to follow you? Love you!

26 09 2014

Hi Honey! I’m always discovering something new about doing this blog–aarrgh! I know in the times I have tried to figure out how to follow the blog, I have so far seen 3 different ways. You’d think they would have a giant 1 inch square button to click! FOLLOW! But nooooo…
Today I opened my blog and in the upper left corner above the page in the thin black margin was a word that says following. When I click it it goes to follow or unfollow. Earlier this week, I signed on like a regular website that says on the BOTTOM the line about updating your subscription preferences. When I first started, a blue box popped up on the lower right hand corner–but wasn’t visible all the time. SO–let me know if you figure it out–and better yet, put it in the comments here so folks can FOLLOW the blog! That’s the whole idea :-). Love you!

11 04 2013

i love that i can hear you speak as i read these words….a delight on this cold rainy (recovering from stomach flu) day. thank you for the welcome in to your heart and home.–dnh

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